Raw Sprouted Cashew Nutbutter

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The benefits of the sprouted Nutbutters are it increases the nutritional value and makes it easier to digest. It breaks down the phytic acid and other harmful compounds. Our newest nut butter Raw Sprouted Twisted Cashew Nutbutter has the flavoring of complete satisfaction offering its Medjool dates comforting taste. Medjool dates are known as the “fruit of kings” and were used to be reserved exclusively for royalty. This is must-have nutbutter to enjoy with some indulgence!

1 review for Raw Sprouted Cashew Nutbutter

  1. Shannon (verified owner)

    I half way wish this was available in a gallon container or larger, I could eat this every single day and I don’t think there is anything I’ve ever tasted that I’ve liked more flavor wise. My husband doesn’t have the fervor for it that I do but he does thinks it is very good 😂 if you like cashew butter and you prefer your nut butters raw I am positive you will be absolutely obsessed with this one.

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