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About Us

Forbidden Superfoods, based in Orange County, California, serves local storefronts in the surrounding area. With over six years of experience, we specialize in sourcing the finest quality superfoods.

Our products are organic, gluten-free, vegan, and predominantly paleo-friendly. 

Clean, Simple

Free from refined sweeteners, each item in our Superfood Product Line is meticulously handcrafted in small batches, ensuring utmost care and quality.

We pride ourselves on using only the highest grade raw organic nuts – including unpasteurized almonds – free from pesticides and chemicals – and never treated with irradiation.

Our commitment to clean, simple ingredients means no added preservatives, chemicals, or artificial additives.

Highest Quality

Every ingredient is pronounceable, consisting mainly of wholesome superfoods. Through our meticulous process, we soak and sprout the nuts in alkaline water and hand-slice Strawberries before dehydrating them to create our best selling Strawberry Nut Butter and Strawberry Cashew Bites.

Committed to maintaining the integrity of our brand, we source only the highest quality ingredients. Embark on your superfood journey and elevate your day one bite at a time with Forbidden Superfoods.

Our Story

We found each other through our common bond and passion for health. Michelle suffered from chronic muscular pain, anxiety, and chronic sinus infections. She turned to a gluten free diet and introduced anti-inflammatory foods. She uses a lot of superfoods, powders, and supplements for vital health and healing. By living this lifestyle her life is on track for longevity.

Brett suffered from chronic back pain, anxiety, and depression. He uses tonic herbs, superfoods, and bodywork modalities for healing. By living this lifestyle his life has been upgraded within his body, mind, and spirit.

A Quote from A Brand Ambassador

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