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Why Forbidden Superfoods?

Fuel Your Well-being

Discover the power of nutrient-rich superfoods to support your body.

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Live a life free from limitations and fueled by vitality.

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Find the perfect blend of superfoods.

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See the transformative power of Forbidden Superfoods.

Our Storefronts

Some of our storefronts include Organic Tree, Fermentation Farm, and The Ecology Center.

Customer Reviews

"I was 8 months pregnant and wanting to stay extra healthy and in my midnight munching extravaganza I ate the Nutbutter and it was the most amazing tasting thing ever and I still eat it today. It was nutrient dense and tasty a very difficult combination to make happen."
Maria Whalen
"Every single one of their products is amazing, yes I’ve tried them all! What attracted me to them was their clean ingredients. Everything is high quality, delicious, and nutritious! After using their products for awhile and getting to know Brett, Michelle, and their son Gavin a little better, I’m even more hooked on their brand. They are super friendly and fully committed to delivering the healthiest products. I recommend their stuff to all my friends, and you’re next! You’ll be hooked. Ps. Try their nut butters."
Taylor Morgen